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Biomedic Skin Care

Biomedic Skin Care

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Biomedic was formed by Cristina Carlino in 1990 with the philosophy of introducing skin care products to the mainstream market of people who don’t need a doctor but desire the best for their skin. Biomedic skin care is a line of skin care products distributed by leading physicians of the world. Today, Biomedic skin care has become a recognized leader in the treatment of acne prone skin and aging. The skin care line of Biomedic is available in plastic surgeon’s and dermatologist’s offices.

Biomedic skin care is renowned for specializing in products for damaged skin and in-office peels, and pioneered the industry of cosmeceutical or pharmaceutical-grade skin care and cosmetics products with its inexorable commitment to developing ground-breaking technologies in skin care.

Biomedic skin care holds cutting-edge ingredients designed for the body and the face, along with encouraging words for the soul and mind printed outside each product. Here are some Biomedic skin care products:

Biomedic La Roche Posay Purifying Cleanser
This Biomedic skin care product is a pH correct, bioactive cleanser that cleanses deep in the pores and exfoliates gently the rough and dry skin. The product helps in the skin’s natural rejuvenation process with no drying of the complexion.

Biomedic Extra Mild Protection
This Biomedic skin care product is a night moisturizer sealer that has a non-greasy, light texture, which soothes the skin and leaves it healthy looking.

Biomedic Hydro Active Emulsion
The product is an ultimate moisturizer which is greaseless and light, penetrating upon contact. This Biomedic skin care product carries low intensities of antioxidants that aids in maintaining a healthy, vital skin glow. It is ideal for skin that has been sun damaged.

Biomedic La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water
The product is an invigorating fine mist rich in selenium, which is a potent antioxidant that takes part in an essential role for healthy function of the cell through protecting the skin against oxidation, a vital factor for skin aging.

Biomedic La Roche Posay Surgras Cleansing Bar
The cleansing bar is a safe solution for cleansing for harsh dry skin. It does not alter the skin’s pH and maintains balance of the natural lipid of the skin, fighting dryness. The cleansing bar cleans better than soap, with a preparation suitable even during therapy of oral retinoid.

Biomedic skin care products are result-oriented products that lead the way for excellent skin care, a great combination of nature and science that has resulted to a remarkable skin care line available for anyone who believes in excellently caring for their skin.

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