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Erectile Dysfunction: Cause and Cure | Not Clickbait

[UltraVid id=2 ]I’m my kin today erectile dysfunction particularly we are going to look at the leading cause of erectile dysfunction a cause that has gone largely overlooked and underappreciated within the public eye and we’re also going to look at the science on the best way to reverse that cause it’s really hard to present what could be a real cure for people because of all these weird ads of instant cures and pumps and pills that make you go temporarily colorblind but I assure you there is something real here and if you really want to learn about this and possibly solve your issue please stay tuned okay let’s get right into this real quick snapshot 30 million men in the u.s. have erectile dysfunction one in four new cases of IDI are men under 40 and by the age 40 you have about a 40 percent chance of getting erectile dysfunction and that has a stepwise increase until you reach 70 in which you have a 70% chance of having erectile dysfunction this is an epidemic they say the penis is the window to a man’s heart but equally as accurate the softness of a penis can be the window into a man’s heart disease actually it’s more like a crystal ball into their heart disease future I’m not gonna make any more jokes from this study on cardiovascular disease two-thirds of the men experienced erectile dysfunction in the years leading up to their cardiovascular disease diagnosis Edie erectile dysfunction has been referred to as the canary in the coal mine for cardiovascular disease it is the first indicator getting a reptile dysfunction in your 40s for example is associated with a mind-boggling 5,000 percent increased chance of getting heart disease including a fatal heart attack in the next 10 years after your Edie diagnosis so why is this such an effective warning sign for cardiovascular disease because it is the beginning of cardiovascular disease here’s how it works just like how most heart disease cases are caused by a clogged or impaired heart artery most erectile dysfunction cases are caused by a clogged or impaired penile artery from this paper in the British Journal of diabetes and vascular disease astoundingly vascular disease was probably the most common cause of erectile dysfunction and of all the vascular the communist is a thorough sclerosis or artery disease see the pinna artery is half the diameter of a coronary heart artery for example so a thin layer of fatty deposits on the inside of your heart artery might only decrease flow by about 20% well on your penile artery that same thin layer could mean 50% less blood flow but physical blockages are not the only issue the way an erection takes place is through the dilation of your penile artery which allows a surge of blood but atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries prevents it from dilating properly and this is why viagra works it’s a vasodilator it forces your arteries to dilate which logically can wreak havoc on somebody with impaired damaged arteries and is likely why over 500 heart disease deaths were linked to viagra in its first year on the market alone studies by Pfizer didn’t seem to find any issues don’t mind that Pfizer manufactures viagra that’s besides the point by now you may be thinking none of this really matters to me I probably don’t have clogged arteries well if you live in the USA quote fatty streaks are found in the aortas of nearly all children by the age of 3 years old a Horta is of course your largest ordering these fatty streaks regularly become fibrous plaques in one’s 20s which can certainly impede an erection in no way is clogged arteries unusual in the modern Western world yeah but on a large portion of the edie cases psychological well every psychological case is unique whether it’s Edie from porn addiction or performance anxiety even a minor penile arteries impairment can trigger a vicious psychological cycle quote even the most of mine er organic malfunction can result in psychological consequences which can progress to so-called performance related anxiety even less severe vascular impairment can delay the establishment of an erection it’s kind of like when you go to start your car and it’s not starting right away and then you freak out so don’t write off a physiological cause just because you have a psychological aspect okay so how do you actually fix this and not just for a couple hours at a time like those pills well the best most reliable scientifically proven way to do it is through a oil-free vegan diet which is shown to improve artery function and unclog arteries reversing cardiovascular disease and not just epidemiologically but in intervention area dietary trials one of the earlier studies to demonstrate this was by Caldwell Esselstyn in the 90s he put 22 people with advanced cardiovascular disease on a whole food vegan diet none of the 17 patients that stuck with the diet had adverse effects like a heart attack or stroke despite the same 17 people having 49 such events in the eight years prior to the study and 70% saw a measurable reversal of their artery clogging here is one of the participants from the study Anthony and the other male patients also noted another change when you’re young when you were teenager you see a female and so on and that the first reaction that physically raised the flag I called this happened to us all the other dr. esselstyn’s I call him all the guinea pigs the flag still rises later on dr. Esselstyn did a similar study with 198 people and among other amazing things he demonstrated a dramatic clearing of arteries an increase in blood flow after just three weeks on an oil-free vegan diet I have to emphasize this because they’re probably vegans getting mad right now no not any vegan diet will do one with processed foods will not get these results oil as I explained in one of my recent videos though not as bad as butter can still clog your arteries but isn’t erectile dysfunction just the natural course of Aging for men well it really doesn’t have to be that way here is colin campbell a whole food plant-based doctor on bill maher and then I was kind of making a joke about blood flow to the penis but when people have a bad diet that’s when they need the viagra right doc and so it is absolutely it has nothing to do with it I thought you know what I know it’s very true if we didn’t if we were eating right we would need to be selling Sai Alice and all the statin viagra and stuff like that okay you’re 77 you don’t need it right no finally there is one more significant cause of erectile dysfunction that I’ve not talked about and that is medication a lot of which is blood pressure lowering medication and depending on the study vegans have a sixty to seventy-five percent lower incidence of high blood pressure than their surrounding omnivore population zooming out ironically the number one thing between you and your manliness might be your desire to be manly grilling all that meat and pounding down all those barbeque chicken wings and so on to get the point across I will translate this into bro for you your cock-blocking yourself bro you know you just got to go vegan and clear up your arteries and get back in the game man you got to give those honeys you’re fine man peace its clutch bro watch seriously though we need to fix this to show how mad the people want to overcome erectile dysfunction we just have to look at rhino horns in the illegal rhino poaching countless rhinos are killed every year so that people can grind up the rhino horn because they believe that cures erectile dysfunction despite there being no scientific proof on the subject many Rhino species are threatened or endangered and this demand has pushed rhino horn to $30,000 a pound not cool in conclusion the most reliable scientifically valid way to overcome the root cause of reptile dysfunction is an oil-free vegan diet it’s not as easy as a pill but it’s worth it there are many resources to help you adopt this dye and I will link them below along with all the studies I mentioned all right if you know of anybody that has erectile dysfunction share this video on their social media profile actually just maybe message them privately or something and also keep a look out for my future video about how these cardiovascular issues affect women’s sexual health alright that’s it for today thank you for watching feel free to like and subscribe and see you next time bro bro bro bro bro fu cock-blocking yourself bro watch blood flow to the penis Venus you’re fine man peace ponies raise the flag flying cock-blocking yourself raise the flag watch get back in the game man honey’s ponies ponies ponies

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