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Green Tea can raise your Resting Metabolic Rate


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Having a cup of green tea after a meal can aid in digestion. Green tea has been used for thousand of years in Asia as a digestive. All teas come from the same source. The tea plant is a member of the Camellia family (Camellia sinensis). Black tea, oolong tea, and green tea are all derivatives of this one plant. Present research suggests that supplementing with green tea can raise your resting metabolic rate by 3%. In order to get this benefit you must have about 3 glasses a day. If you have a bmr of 2000 or so that means 60 extra calories a day.

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Every little bit of help is useful when you’re trying to lose weight or keep your weight stable, as you get older. Diet and exercise are still the most important components of weight loss and maintenance, but studies are showing that tea, particularly green tea, may be able to provide some assistance in losing weight and keeping it off. For centuries, Asians have used green tea for health. In addition to Asian cultures having a much lower incidence of serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease, they also are far less likely to be overweight.

Each day, as we convert food to energy, we create free radicals in our body. These free radicals can damage our cells and our DNA if we don’t combat them. It is believed that unchecked free radicals contribute to the development of many diseases, including cancer. In addition, they speed up the aging process and contribute to clogged arteries and other health problems. Anti-oxidants are powerful at combating free radicals and are linked with preventing cancer, as well as with decreasing your risk of stroke and heart disease and with lowering your cholesterol. For this reason, drinking green tea is a simple and effective way to slow down the aging process and prevent disease. But, in addition to being a way to protect your health, drinking tea seems to also be a way to help keep you slim. If you are in search of the best and the most effective method for reducing weight as well as maintaining it for life, you should add green tea to your daily diet as well as to your lifestyle.

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