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How to Control Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation occurs when a man orgasms during sex sooner than he or his partner would like. Criteria for diagnosing this condition include that the man nearly always ejaculates within one minute of penetration or is almost never able to delay ejaculation. For most men the average time until ejaculation is about five minutes. Premature ejaculation affects many men and can lead to them feeling frustrated and embarrassed. Some men even try to avoid sexual intimacy because of it.

How to Control Premature Ejaculation :

1. Pause-squeeze method
If you and your partner are willing, you might try the pause-squeeze method for learning to delay ejaculation. Stimulate the penis without entering your partner. Notice when you are about to ejaculate.
Ask your partner to squeeze your penis at the place where the head meets the shaft. Your partner should squeeze for several seconds until the need to ejaculate lessens.
After 30 seconds, resume foreplay and repeat as necessary. This will help you to gain control and enable you to enter your partner without ejaculating immediately.
Another variation on the pause-squeeze method is the stop-go technique. This is the same as the pause-squeeze method, except that the partner does not squeeze the penis.

2. Masturbate before sex. If you plan to have sex later in the evening, try masturbating an hour or two before.

3. Use a thick condom that will reduce the amount of stimulation you get. This may make it take longer for you to climax. Avoid using condoms that are designed to increase your stimulation.

4. Breathe deeply right before you ejaculate. This can help you to stop the ejaculation reflex. It may also help to switch to thinking about something boring until the urge passes.

5. If you are usually on top, consider switching to the bottom or changing to a position that will allow your partner to move off of you if you are about to ejaculate. Then resume sex once the urge to ejaculate has passed.

6. Counseling
7. Try Use Topical Anesthetics

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